Nuremberg Nazi rally, 1937

It’s not as simple as that. Hitler was a consummate liar and a masterful manipulator, most likely because he was a sociopath. He was also a skilled politician with a well-oiled modern political machine behind him, who was often underestimated by his rivals. Opposing

Boy crossing the road, 1960s London

Obviously it’s complex on how we *got* to this point, but long story short; * uneducated mother (forced out school due to being mixed race by bullies) * father left early for a lot of reasons, my mother being young broke down * we

NASA before Powerpoint. Photo by JR Eyerman.

Sorry, meant later life like teens. It was a while ago, I was thinking of that entire school period as ‘early’. Oh well, I’ll just leave the rest here anyway. My main area of discontent was spending 6 years analysing the characters of Shakespearean

Zulu Pool Players, 1903

Well, in brief, billiards is chasing a red ball around a snooker / pool type table (mass over-simplification) where each player has a white ball each. Bar billiards has a number of holes in the surface of the table that are worth a different

Daniel Sorine photographed a couple of mimes performing in Central Park in 1974. Thirty five years later, while going through his old photographs, he realized that he had captured a then unknown Robin Williams.

From the comments on the article: I want to thank Mr. Sorine, deeply, for saving these old photos of the days when Robin and I did mime together in the streets of NYC. I had not known they existed until friends passed some

Nazi rally at Nuremberg 1937

Okay, ‘journalists’, see this? This is ~~350,000~~ 700,000 people. When 15,000 people turn out for the annual city Santa parade, don’t claim it’s estimated that 350,000 people attended just because you can’t do basic math and no one really knows what a crowd of