Smog made Los Angeles City Hall a shadowy presence in 1953.

It’s kind of weird that *some* people have taken this view to an extreme, because even icons of the free market like Milton Friedman have often [said they thought pollution regulations were an essential part of the system]( The free market doesn’t work if

Batman riding a small elephant

>I would do the same for a variety of different situations. When you “need” to comment, you will “need” to comment in the future. As you yourself stated, this wasn’t just a whim. You had to comment, which means next time you see something

Colourised image of Thích Quảng Đức self-immolation to protest the persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government. 1963. “As he burned he never moved a muscle, never uttered a sound” – David Halberstam of The New York Times

>Can some historians tell me if this was effective after all? Maybe its just that i dont like the fact that buddists don’t value a soul and that bothers me. Explanations are more welcomed than arguments. Do you mean effective as a protest? If

Paul Newman in Venice, 1963

If anyone is interested Adam Carolla is currently filming a documentary about Newman’s obsession with racing during the second half of his life. I don’t believe it is close to finished yet but it will contain a lot of never before seen or heard

British artillery position at Ancre (March 26, 1918).

What’s overwhelmingly likely is that the photograph was taken by a British official photographer–nobody else was permitted to take photographs at the front, and if some soldiers smuggled cameras into the trenches, they certainly wouldn’t be tolerated using them that close to a gun

Nazi Rally in Germany in 1934

Also one should remember that politics did not change much since them. The general view on how the nazi party took power is fairly naive. Do you really believe that the nazis were just such *brilliant* propagandists that they happened to skyrocket from the

The First Class Lounge on the RMS Titanic

Her name was [Loraine Allison]( She as two at the time, and: >She had been travelling with her parents, Hudson and Bess, and seven-month old brother Trevor. >Her father was a Canadian entrepreneur and the family travelled with an extensive entourage of servants. When

World Series Game 1, 1912, New York

It’s actually a misconception that baseball banned alcohol in those days. Actually, baseball only banned alcohol for a little over a decade. Many temperance laws of the time were what banned alcohol In the 19th century, baseball was mostly considered a high social recreational

A Lamplighter doing his rounds, London, 1962.

Agreed, some of them do get monsoons. But not all. Honestly, by the way people talk about the UK’s weather you would think that we are the wettest country on earth. It’s simply not true. The monsoon point is true to an extent, and

A tattooist’s wife, 1907.

> I can’t tell if you’re 12 or 80. The clue’s in the username. >Many CEO’s have tattoos. Most don’t. And even if we just go with the ones that do, they’re not going to allow you to use that fact to insist that