Grant Park parking lot, 1934, Chicago.

Some of the current buildings have underground parking however most of the space is now park with no underground structures. Interesting tid-bit, the metra, which is sort of the commuter train for people in the suburbs to get into the city, operates it’s Millenium

Photo of the Montreal Biosphere in flames (1976)

>The architects for the interior exhibition space were from Golden Metak Productions. Visitors had access to four large theme platforms divided into seven levels. The building included a 37-metre-long escalator, the longest ever built at the time. The Minirail monorail ran through the pavilion.

Coney Island, July 4, 1946 –

In my experience in major cities and in tiny hamlets (I’m currently living in a “town” of under 400 people), people are a lot more friendly and outgoing when they aren’t crowded together. This is why rural areas have a reputation for hospitality. When

Two Japanese Imperial Marines who killed themselves by placing their rifle muzzles against their heads and pulling the triggers with their toes, rather than surrender to U.S. Marines, after the Japanese fought almost to the last man during the Battle of Tarawa, 1943 –

In the 1930s, the Japanese military was conducting a massive military campaign in China beginning with Manchuria (northern China) in 1931. Being the resource-staved island nation they were, the Japan was reliant on foreign imports of oil and raw materials, particularly from the U.S.

Muhammad Ali with his winnings in 74′

Think of it this way. Though there are some tricks you can use, from what I recall, GIFs basically store a succession of images and a little bit of information on how to display each individual frame. So, you end up with 54 full

13 June 1944: An English brewery donates a sizable amount of fresh beer for the troops fighting in Normandy and a unique delivery method is created, strapping kegs to the underwings of Spitfires being shipped to forward airfields. Flying at 12 000 feet chills the brew to perfection

Well It’s not a proven source, but My grandfather was a member of the VMB433 ( and I don’t remember what before that, the VMB was on emairu, which was later in the war.) But he said that when they got some beer or

Four horsemen riding through the streets of Amsterdam on a ‘motorless day’, when cars are prohibited due to the oil crisis in the Middle East, 4th November 1973 –

I don’t really think such inflation adjustment is a fair way to look at prices. The disposable income wasn’t 8,73 times lower in 1973 than it was in 2013 (it was about half according to [this]( ), so if you take the price to
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