President Bill Clinton misses the ball while playing touch football on the beach at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, December 31, 1993 –

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[The whole weekend]( was a bunch of conferences and panels on intellectual topics with a whole array of professional speakers. It’s invitation only and I’m not sure how we got invited, but you register to participate in these panel discussions. My parents registered me in this panel with all these other kids about ‘who your hero is and why’. I was easily the youngest in my discussion and all these kids are debating about whether or not fictional super heroes could be heroes, and I didnt really know what to do so half way through I just interrupted the debate and gave this little 7 year old’s speech in the microphone about how my dad was my hero. I remember everyone laughing and applauding. I didn’t understand at the time, but I must have been pretty darn adorable, this little kid surrounded by a bunch of 10-11 year olds interjecting something that was completely off topic.

My older brother (who would have been 16) had to give a speech on what he would say to the president over a bag lunch. I remember it was a huge deal because the actual president was sitting in the audience, but the only thing I recall about it is not knowing what a bag lunch was.

I wasn’t actually on the beach when this picture happened, but I shook his hand in the lobby of a hotel nearby. I remember seeing him hanging out by the pool and watching him play golf with my dad and a bunch of other people.

The funny thing was, even thought I was seven, I distinctly remember watching all these grown up men, who were likely very successful in their own right, acting so fake and groupie like around Clinton. It was like all the kids trying to be cool with the popular guy in middle school. Like everything Clinton said people would laugh a little too much, and even as a small child you can recognize that behavior.

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